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DiSU - Department of Humanities

About the Department

DiSU - the Department of Humanities is responsible for the implementation of the University's teaching and research programmes and projects in the field of humanities. Humanities are still considered by many students academic disciplines of choice to develop critical knowledge and achieve methodological awareness. Enrolling in a humanities programme means to delve into the history of human society and cultures, in their various forms of organisation and expression. By analysing human societies and cultures within historical contexts and events, it becomes possible to innovate, refine, and possibly adapt the cognitive devices developed by mankind over the centuries, adjusting them to suit the needs of an ever-changing world. A sound humanities education may therefore empower students, and enable them to serve a pivotal role in analysing and discussing matters of current events. 

The Department develops and implements its teaching and research activities across a number of subject areas within the broader field of humanities: Classical Studies, Philology, Literature, Art History, as well as History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology. A number of teaching and research activities are also carried out in the fields of Law, Political, and Social Science. 

Studying at DiSU

DiSU offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and integrated Master's programmes, at the Francioso Campus in Potenza, as well as at UniBas' new Campus in Matera. It also offers a postgraduate (PhD) programme in History, Culture and Knowledge of Mediterranean Europe from Antiquity to the Contemporary Age, jointly managed with four Southern-Italy universities: University of Calabria, University of Catania, University of Chieti-Pescara, and University of Salerno.

Our Courses

• Humanities

• Modern and Classical Philology
• Philosophy, Media and Communication Studies
• European History and Civilization
• Primary Education Sciences

• PhD Programme in History, Culture and Knowledge of Mediterranean Europe from Antiquity to the Contemporary Age

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DiSU - Department of Humanities
University of Basilicata Francioso Campus
85, Via Nazario Sauro - Potenza PZ 85100 Italy

Telephone: +39 0971 202164