First Day: May 9, 2024

Giuseppe Grossi is Research Professor in Accounting at Nord University (Norway), Kristianstad University (Sweden) and Kozminski University (Poland). His research focuses on governmental accounting and auditing, hybrid organisations, and smart cities. He is member of the editorial board and guest editor in several public management and accounting journals (as Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Accounting Forum, British Accounting Review, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, and Public Management Review), editor in chief of the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management, and associate editor of Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management. He is also Chair of the CIGAR Network. He collaborated as advisor with national and local governments, Supreme Audit Institutions, the European Court of Auditors, International Public Sector Accounting Standard Board (IPSASB) of IFAC and World Bank (WB).


A proud Italian, Vincenzo Di Nicola grew up professionally in Silicon Valley. A civil servant, he is now a manager in INPS (the Social Security and Welfare Administration of the Republic of Italy), where he is introducing modern development practices and enhancing services to citizens through the best Artificial Intelligence technologies.
In 2015 he co-founded Conio, a startup for the safe custody and management of digital assets, backed by prominent financial institutions (Banca Generali, Poste Italiane, Gruppo Sella), and receiving several international patents. In the past Vincenzo was CTO and co-founder of GoPago, a mobile payments startup in San Francisco (technology acquired by Amazon), led the Real Time Behavioral Targeting team at Microsoft (Redmond and Beijing), and as an intern he was a success story in Yahoo! (Sunnyvale).
Vincenzo has a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford.


Paola Ronga is Head of the Information Management Directorate of the Bank of Italy from 2022 and is responsible for data governance for the corporate functions. The Directorate promotes integration and exploitation of documentary information and data, manages the official document systems, and administrates the historical Archive of the Bank, ensuring its accessibility to the general public.
She launched a project for the digitization, disposal or reallocation of the documents contained in the paper Archives and is responsible for a project for the integrated management of records and documents, from the active phase to permanent preservation (INFOGOV).
She is currently coordinating the design and implementation of a new, soon-to-be released computer-based workflow system (ERMES) for managing official documents.

Second day: May 10, 2024

Peter Lorson has been working as Professor at the University of Rostock since October 2006. He holds the Chair for "General Business Administration: Accounting, Management Control and Auditing" (since March 2007) and is Executive Director of the Center for Accounting and Auditing at the University of Rostock since 2015.
Prof Lorson is the (co-)author of numerous publications in English and German. Currently, he is conducting research on the citizen-centred preparation of financial and non-financial accounting in the public sector (inter alia "Conceptualizing Public Sector Financial Annual Statements" (PFiAS) supported by the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB)).
Peter C. Lorson is also active as a reviewer in peer-reviewed journals and as a speaker and consultant in the areas of financial and non-financial accounting in individual and consolidated financial statements.
Prof Lorson is the recipient of the BVBC Foundation's 2015 Controlling Award.


Gorana Roje is a Head of the Unit for State Asset Management Strategic Planning, at the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets in Croatia. Gorana is also Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) Associate Fellow.
Her competencies are strategically located at the intersection between academia and top-level practice. Her work is focused on international and comparative public sector accounting and financial reporting, and public sector financial management, with a particular emphasis on public sector asset management reforms domestically, regionally, and worldwide. Her research has been presented at various international conferences and published in scientific journals. She has hosted and participated in workshops, roundtables, and trainings on topics related to public sector accounting and public sector financial (asset) management.
She has also been involved in Croatia's National Recovery and Resilience plan and National Development Strategy drafting and implementation.


Giuseppe Romaniello, economist and musician,  holds a degree in Economics from the University of Salerno and a degree in Jazz Saxophone from the Gesualdo da Venosa Conservatory in Potenza. He has been working in the Municipality of Potenza since 2021, as Director of the UD Servizi alla Persona, including Education, Culture and Social Welfare, and as President of the Single Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities.
He was Director General of the University of Basilicata, Administrative and Financial Manager of the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation, Director General of Apofil, the Agency of the Province of Potenza for Orientation, Training and Employment.
He is the author of several publications on social inclusion, welfare, the labour market, also music, education and learning policies, including "Six Memos in jazz", Conti Editore, 2014 and "Blue Community", Hermes Edizioni, 2024.


Fabio Cignini has been a mechanical engineer since 2013 and a PhD in transportation since 2019. He is a researcher at ENEA's Energy Efficiency department (DUEE). He works mainly on database designing for WEB-based applications in projects focused on sustainability and public entity support. In previous experiences, he worked in automated road transport systems and ICT technologies with low environmental impact. He has recently been involved in several ES-PA projects, where the project PAES aimed designing a WEB interface to help technicians and decision-makers of Public Administrations address energy and greenhouse gas emissions evaluations.