Webmail Unibas

Webmail Unibas

The University of Basilicata offers both its staff and students a personal institutional e-mail account on Google's platform "G-Suite for Education".
G-Suite for Education is the main e-mail service, used for collaborations, communication and general notifications within the University.

              Unibas Gmail access link


Students who have never accessed this service, don't know how to access it or have forgotten their password to the insitutional e-mail usernameesse3@studenti.unibas.it must configurate this account first in order to use all of the tools provided by the service, distance learning included.

Below are some useful links and guides on how to set up and configurate the necessary tools and general useful FAQs; students are encouraged to consult these links first, before contacting the help desk via e-mail, to avoid unnecessary and redundant e-mails.

Useful links

Client configuration guides: http://cisit.unibas.it/site/home/info/g-suite-guide.html

G-Suite Guide: https://sites.google.com/a/unibas.it/formazione-g-suite/home

G-Suite Unibas FAQs: http://cisit.unibas.it/site/home/faq/g-suite-unibas.html

Students' FAQs: http://cisit.unibas.it/site/home/faq/faq-g-suite-studenti.html