Organisation and Governance

Organisation and Governance

The University Statute, issued by the Rector on April 12, 2018 (Decree no. 88) and officially published on May 7, 2012, regulates the University organisation, defining and describing its governance, management, supervision and evaluation bodies, as well as other bodies.

Here is a list of all the relevant University bodies, and a brief description of their duties:


The Rector is the chief academic and administrative officer of the University, as well as its legal and institutional representative. By ensuring that strategic decisions taken by the University bodies are being upheld, as well as by promoting and coordinating all research, academic and training activities, the Rector serves a pivotal role in pursuing the University’s mission, aims, and objectives.
The Rector appoints a Senior Pro-rector, acting as the rector's deputy in case of absence and undertaking statutory and other duties on behalf of the Rector, as well as one or more Pro-rectors with specific portfolios.
Current post-holder: Professor Ignazio Marcello MANCINI

Academic Senate
The Academic Senate is the University representative governing body, acting in an advisory capacity in close cooperation with all Departments and Schools, and whose purview includes strategic academic and research planning and coordinating, as well as student services.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is in charge of strategic, 1- and 3-year financial planning, managing human resources, as well as supervising resource allocation and asset management, and ensuring the financial sustainability of all University activities.

Management, supervision, and evaluation

Board of Auditors
The Board of Auditors reviews and reports on the University financial records and asset management.

Evaluation Committee
The Evaluation Committee assesses and reports on the University management policies, its academic and research activities, as well as right-to-education and higher-education access implementation. Through comparative, cost-performance analysis, the Committee also monitors the proper use of public resources and funding, the effectiveness and impact of both research and academic activities, as well as administrative impartiality and efficiency.

Director General
The Director General is responsible for the University’s administrative organisation, functions, and services; oversees the University's financial resources and assets; coordinates the activities of executive officers, administrative and technical staff; ensures that all services delivered are consistent with the University governing bodies' mission, goals, and plans, as well as compliant with the relevant policies, statutes, and regulations.
Current post-holder: Giuseppe ROMANIELLO


Other Bodies

Disciplinary Committee
The Disciplinary Committee conducts preliminary hearings and makes decisions in disciplinary proceedings against teaching and research staff; it reports to the Board of Directors for formal resolution and settlement.

CUG - Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Wellbeing and Non-Discrimination in the Workplace
The Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Wellbeing and Non-Discrimination in the Workplace (CUG) shapes, implements, and endorses University policies aimed at promoting equal employment opportunities as well as contrasting abuse and discrimination in the workplace.

Confidential Counsellor
The University Confidential Counsellor - appointed by the Rector in compliance with Article 8 of the Code of Conduct on the protection of the dignity of women and men at work and against workplace discrimination and harassment - is an impartial and independent officer responsible for giving counselling and support to victims of discrimination, harassment, or other forms of abuse.

Sports Committee
The Sports Committe oversees the University's sports facilities management as well as the implementation of sporting activity programmes.

Student Ombudsman
The Student Ombudsman monitors transparency and impartiality relating to the University's policies and processes on right-to-education and student welfare, and is not hierarchically nor functionally subject to the University's governing bodies.

Students' Council
The Students' Council is the is the representative body for the student community: it acts in an advisory capacity to the University's governing bodies.

Administrative and Technical Staff Council
The Administrative and Technical Staff Council is a collective representative body with advisory and consultative roles to both the Director General and the Board of Directors in matters of administrative organisation and staff management.