Postgraduate Qualifications

Postgraduate, non-degree qualifications

First-level and Second-level 'Master' certifications are Italian academic postgraduate qualifications normally awarded at the end of a 60-credit, one-year programme. Technically and professionally oriented, these specialisation programmes are designed to improve specialist knowledge and provide continuing educational and professional development.

In order to enrol in First-level 'Master' programmes, a bachelor's degree is required, whereas a master's degree or an Integrated Master's degree is required for enrolment in Second-level 'Master' programmes.

Admission to First- and Second-level 'Master' programmes is subject to a public selection procedure: applications will be assessed in the light of an applicantķs ability to meet the entry requirements, as stated in the relevant Calls for Applications, which are published on this website.

First-level 'Master' programmes - academic year 2018-19

  • Hydrocarbons and Reserves: Environmental Safety and Management in Natural Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Structural Osteopathy
  • Planning and Communications for Cultural Heritage

Second-level 'Master' programmes - academic year 2018-19