Director General

Director General

Current post-holder: Giuseppe ROMANIELLO

Term of Office: 2018-2021

Director General's Office - Telephone: +39 0971 202107 | Fax: +39 0971 202110

Giuseppe Romaniello took up his position as Director General at the University of Basilicata on 1 November 2018. He was born in 1968 and holds an MSc Finance and Economics from Salerno University, as well as an MA in Jazz Saxophone from "Gesualdo da Venosa" Conservatoire in Potenza.

In 2017, he became financial manager for the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation.

His previous relevant professional experience includes: Chief Executive, then Official Receiver at APOF-IL, the Local Government Agency for Career Counseling, Vocational Training, and Employment (2010-2017); member of the Technical Support Workgroup for EU Structural Funds OP implementation at Basilicata Regional Government's Department of Education and Training, Employment, Culture, and Sports (2004-2010); President of the Basilicata Regional Branch (2006-2011), and National Board Member (from 2012) of AIF, the Italian association of education and vocational training professionals and consultants.

Mr Romaniello also worked as a certified trainer, project manager, teacher, and consultant for local and national agencies (FORMEZ, Sviluppo Italia Basilicata) on EU Structural Fund implementation, best practices, vocational training strategies, and integrated project design.

He taught Local Development and Negotiated Planning for the University of Basilicata's 2nd-level postgraduate programmes.